Chevrolet’s best-selling global passenger car is now even better, with new front and rear exterior styling and a choice of alloy wheels. What hasn’t changed is its first-class safety rating. The design of the 2015 Cruze adds a note of refinement and sophistication, so while it’s still a compact, it looks and acts like so much more. Discover it.



Cruze is back and better than ever. The new dual-port chrome grille front fascia, and a balanced taillight design on the rear enhance the sculptural lines of Cruze, while a wide chrome bar on the upper rear bumper creates a more sophisticated look. Projection fog lamps and LED daytime running lights add to the appearance while improving safety. These aesthetic enhancements take the Cruze sedan and hatchback to the next level in design and detailing. Plus, you can choose from two new eye-catching colors, Red Bean Smoothie and Deep Forest.





The brilliant engineers behind Cruze wanted to make sure that this dynamic vehicle was the perfect fit for any lifestyle. Which is why Cruze is available in either an elegant sedan or a racy hatchback.




Come on in and witness a continuation of the innovative Cruze design. Discover the sophistication and generous cabin space that makes the Cruze stand head and shoulders above its competitors. From the calm of its ice blue lighting to the delicate contours of optional premium leather seats, your driving experience begins even before you start the engine.

Foldable Seats

The already spacious interior really opens up when one or both of the 60:40 foldable seats are folded forward to increase your storage capacity.

USB Charging

Keep your personal electronic devices running and fully charged with continuous charging.

Optional Leather Seats

The new Saddle Up leather seats increase your comfort as they add to the style and refinement of your Cruze.

Optional Sunroof

The spacious interior feels even more expansive thanks to the feeling of open sky above you.

Ice Blue Lighting

Light up your car with the ice blue interior lighting, adding a fun touch to every drive.

Air Conditioning

Stay comfortable in hot, humid weather with temperature and humidity-sensing air conditioning.



Chevrolet MyLink CCR

The revolutionary MyLink CCR with colour touch screen display is this vehicle’s shining technological beacon. It’s compatible with most smartphones and allows you to stream your music via Bluetooth. You can also access your playlists, music and much more through the easy-to-use USB port. Keep your eyes on the road, while making or receiving phone calls hands-free and get there safe and sound.

2015-chevrolet-cruze-PEPSPassive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)

There’s no need to search for your key fob with this available feature: simply press the sensor on the door handle to unlock the door, and as long as the key fob is inside the car (even if it’s in your pocket), you can start the engine with the push of a button.

Cruise Control

2015-chevrolet-cruze-control-648x250Find a comfortable speed and stick to it, with cruise control in your Cruze. With the system on, simply press SET when you reach your desired speed; then press – or + to decrease or increase your speed by 1kph every time the button is pressed.


Combined Fuel Efficiency of 5.8L/100km

The smart, flowing lines of the classic sedan rear, and the sweeping coupe roofline of the sporty new hatchback have been aerodynamically designed for optimum fuel efficiency — and so have the engines. When the brilliant minds at Chevrolet were developing Cruze, they knew that every aspect of it needed to be special, especially the driving experience. They knew how much fun the Cruze would be to drive and how frustrating it would be for that experience to be interrupted. So they made it clever too. The racy engines of Cruze were designed to offer a fuel efficiency of 5.8L/100km, so you can spend less time at the pumps and more out on the open road. Which is where every Cruze belongs.

1.4L Ecotec

The 1.4L Ecotec turbo petrol engine delivers a maximum output of 103 kW with low emissions. High torque, 200 Nm, is available at low revs in every gear for exceptional acceleration and maximum driving pleasure.



2015-chevrolet-cruze-logovWith more standard features than any car in its class, Cruze is designed to keep you safe at all times and in all situations. Commended with a 5-star safety rating, Cruze is a meticulous combination of rigid engineering, advanced technology and intuitive design.


2015-Chevrolet-convenience11-cruze-482x350To prevent accidents, Cruze employs a number of safety systems. Side Blind Zone Assist (SBZA) has sensors that detect objects or other vehicles hiding in your car’s “blind zone.” The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors the air pressure of individual tires and sends a warning signal in the event of over- or under-inflation. Rear-Park Assist alerts you whenever the rear of the vehicle gets too close to any object, in order to warn you of their presence or allow you to get as close as possible without making contact. Cruze also has a Rear Vision Camera, which is designed to detect certain stationary obstacles located behind the vehicle when backing up at low speeds. When you shift into reverse, the display will appear on your Chevrolet MyLink Radio screen to let you see if anything is in your way.


2015-chevrolet-cruze-engine-body-frame-482x350Cruze also helps protect you and your passengers in the unfortunate event that you do get into a collision. Pre-tensioner seatbelts reduce the movement passengers experience by tightening the seatbelts at the moment of impact. Up to 6 airbags protect the driver and front passenger, while Chevrolet’s patented child safety system helps ensure ultimate protection for your child. The cabin also features a Body Frame Integral (BFI) system designed to absorb and diffuse force in the event of a collision by allowing the floor to collapse while protecting occupants with a side protection cage.


2015-chevrolet-cruze-electronicstab-slider-482x350Cruze is designed to respond with helpful safety systems when put in tough situations. The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheels from locking during sudden or forceful braking, allowing the driver better control when making emergency stops and taking tight corners. The Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) system calculates and applies the right amount of braking pressure to each wheel to maximize stopping power and maintain control when braking. The Traction Control System (TCS) works to regain control when traction on the road surface is lost.The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) prevents your Chevrolet from skidding out of control by applying brake pressure to the wheels that need it and by limiting engine power.

They’re making statements across the globe. From Asia to the Americas, Europe to Australia, over 3 million people are getting behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Cruze and creating their own unique possibilities. It’s a singular vision for a global reinterpretation of the traditional sedan. From its dramatic styling and decidedly upscale interior, to fuel efficiency that saves money in every currency, Chevrolet Cruze has captured 3 million hearts and minds in over 118 countries. That’s a huge achievement for a car that’s only been on the market for a few years. But for the car made for possibilities, it’s only the beginning. Learn more about the stylish Chevrolet Cruze and the impressive 3 million milestone here.


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