The elegant saloon car.

The Opel Astra drives as dynamically as it looks. It connects you to the road through great steering and a superb suspension. Add to that responsive and efficient engines and the result is an exhilarating driving experience.

Looking for a stylish car, with impressive space and flexibility? Check out the great features of the Opel Astra.

  • Head turning stylish design
  • Outstanding comfort equipment
  • Exceptional driving dynamics
  • Fuel efficient turbo
  • State of the art safety features

za_opel_astra_sedan_available_models_304x171Sleek, sport elegance

Meet the stunningly proportioned Opel Astra. It puts the competition in the shade.


ZA_Opel_Astra_Sedan_Interior_Overview304x171Sensational comfort

The flair of the exterior design carries over into the interior of the Opel Astra. Stylish driver oriented ergonomics are matched by superior quality comfort for up to five, with ingenious storage features.

ZA_Opel_Astra_Sedan_ecterior_view384x216Driving excellence

When you are completely in touch with the latest technology, driving becomes easier, safer and stress-free. The Opel Astra delivers a different driving feel to match your moods and personal style.

Opel_Astra_Notchback_Exterior_View_304x171_as14_e02_094Economical and powerful

The Astra engines prove that it is possible to balance lively performance with fuel efficiency and low emissions. Leading edge technology, leaner, greener, and packing more fun, the Opel Astra ECOTEC® engines deliver excellent performance and remarkably low fuel consumption in the compact class.



We’re proud of our Opel Astra. Because we know we’ve created a car that you’ll be proud to own.

New Opel Astra notchback – Exterior Design

ZA_Opel_Astra_Sedan_ecterior_view384x216Exterior design

It’s fascinating how proportion can affect perception. Take a close look at our Astra 4-door Sedan. It’s such a superbly balanced, harmonious design that you’ll believe that the designer started out with a clean sheet of paper. Surfaces and lines flow together in such a cohesive way, creating a dynamically appealing overall impression. Nothing seems out of place.

And yet there are some familiar features, especially at the front. The headlights and front grilles clearly say “Astra” in a particularly refined way. And the rear light units follow the shape of other Astra models. But everything between takes on an identity of its own.

Your eye is immediately attracted by the roofline arcing gently over the passenger cabin, then descending in a seamless sweep through the raked rear screen, to the sculpted aerodynamic lip at the end of the short rear deck. The side window area follows the smooth descent of the roof, contributing towards the sporty elegance.

And the rear itself is a perfect ending. It is characterized by the raked rear screen, the integrated deck spoiler, and the broad sweep of the carefully sculpted bumper. It all comes together perfectly. Something to be proud of.

New Opel Astra notchback – Interior Design

ZA_Opel_Astra_Sedan_Interior_Design304x216Interior design

The sweeping lines and wraparound instrument panel harmonize to create a welcoming feeling of airy roominess. The high quality materials of the Opel Astra are matched by the excellent standard of workmanship. The main surfaces are textured with soft touch material and high quality grains.

Chrome accents add a technical, modern edge to the cockpit. The blade theme can also be found here – in details like the door grab handles and steering wheel.

Great attention has been paid to detail in the Opel Astra – like the design and practical placement of control elements and storage facilities within easy reach. The result: an exquisitely driver-oriented cockpit with excellent ergonomics.

Comfort & Convenience


The Opel Astra establishes new standards for ergonomics, storage possibilities and high quality perception to comfort driver and passengers.

Opel_Astra_Interior_View_Storage_384x216_asgtc14_i02_047Up to 18 storage facilities

The Opel Astra offers stowage possibilities that are as numerous and practical as they are ingenious. The Opel Astra puts convenient storage within easy reach of the driver and passengers. Door pockets front and rear with bottle holders, a driver’s storage bin, cup holders, a large glove box, and front and rear center armrests with closed storage compartments – depending on equipment there are in total 18 storage facilities for large and small items.

Hands-free phone

To connect your mobile phone, you can decide between a wireless Bluetooth® solution or an integrated system with phone-specific cradle that charges the mobile’s battery. All important phone functions can be operated from the steering wheel, faceplate.

Opel_Astra_Interior_Design_Seats_384x216_as13_i01_051Ergonomic sports seat

No matter how you drive, or how far, seat comfort is a vital necessity. The Opel Astra delivers it with a fully orthopaedic ergonomic sports seat that adjusts 6 ways.

Also it has an adjustable seat cushion extension for relaxing leg support. At the top end perforated leather, with heating, brings the Opel Astra into the luxury category. But, if you prefer it, the cloth-covered version provides the same level of orthopaedic support.

The ergonomic sports seat is approved and recommended by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.), a German medical association that has set orthopaedic requirements for car seats.

*Available in Cosmo only

Opel_Astra_Interior_CloseUp_384x216_as14_i02_125Electric park brake

The touch operated electric park brake offers both increased parking security and decreased driver effort. Also in combination with Hill Start Assist preventing the car rolling backwards when stopped on a hill, it gets you moving smoothly and effortlessly for increased comfort and safety.

*Available in Cosmo only

Opel_Astra_Interior_CloseUp_ECC_384x216_as13_i01_120Dual zone air conditioning

Air quality and control is a major aspect of the Opel Astra interior comfort. The Electronic Climate Control (ECC) offers a new quietness and sense of control, including individual driver setting memory. The air is charcoal filtered and both front seat occupants can choose their preferred temperature separately. The ECC also features controlled partial air recirculation for improved heat up and cooling performance.

*Available in Cosmo only

Driving Dynamics


ZA_Opel_Astra_Sedan_Interior_Design304x216A perfect platform

Superb ride comfort, driving dynamics, and steering response, with reduced noise and vibrations are the main benefits gained from the Opel Astra chassis. The high torsional stiffness of the Opel Astra body provides optimum preconditions for excellent handling precision, ride comfort and extremely low levels of noise and vibration.

The broad stance ensures high stability in curves, the long wheelbase a smooth ride even on bumpy roads.

Astra_GTC_Features_DrivingDynamics_WattsLinkRearSuspension_cnt_mmpar_1_384x216_pic_1_fullWatt’s link rear suspension

The unique rear suspension of the Opel Astra is Watt’s link in all models apart from the 1.6 Essentia which has compound crank.While the principle of Watt’s linkage has been known for over 200 years, more recently it has been used mostly in race cars. In effect the principle is straightforward.

A steel crossmember just behind the wheel centre line carries the two struts of the linkage. These are pivoted in the middle and the ends attached to the lower wheel carriers. The result is that any lateral impact on one side is immediately compensated by an equal amount of force on the other side, increasing stability. The major benefit of this compact system effectively prevents any lateral movement of the axle, providing a smoother ride and improved handling.



With its advanced passive and active safety equipment and the innovative driver assistance systems, the Opel Astra is one of the safest cars in its class.

Cruise Control with speed limiter

Whilst Cruise Control is practical in fluid traffic on motorway etc., the advantage of the speed limiter function is that it can also be used in town driving and dense traffic, where it enables the vehicle to be hold under a set speed. The speed limiter function allows the driver to set a maximum speed up from 25 km/h for the vehicle.

The limiting function can be very helpful in staying in compliance with speed limits in 30 km/h zone in urban settings.

The driver can override the speed limit with kickdown. In this case a warning is displayed in the DIC. The speed limiter function is automatically reactivated after any deceleration or braking, bringing the vehicle below the selected speed limit by reducing torque.

Opel_Astra_Park_Pilot_384x216_as13_t01_143Park Assist

The Park Assist helps detect obstacles in both front and rear. The distance to the obstacles is indicated acoustically via a pulsing sound and a diagram in the display.



Opel_Astra_Airbag_384x216_as13_t01_141Passive safety

The Opel Astra is not only equipped with state-of-the art active safety systems, but also protects its occupants with exemplary passive safety technologies.

Robust bumpers and highly efficient energy absorption systems deal with minor impacts. The bumper beams are precisely positioned for maximum protection in car to car low speed impacts, helping cut repair bills and leading to excellent insurance classification.

The rigid passenger cell is mainly fabricated from high strength steel and surrounded by optimized deformation zones that protect in a controlled manner. Inside the seat belt pretensioners on the front seats, front, side and curtain airbags, Pedal Release System and active headrests all work together to safeguard you.

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