For 30 years Isuzu have been building bakkies that are tough, durable and reliable. With innovative D-TEQ diesel technology and legendary comfort you can always depend on Isuzu, whether roughing it or on your way to a business engagement.

When Isuzu makes a promise, we deliver!

With more power, more choice and more legendary comfort, the Isuzu KB is a bakkie that’s been designed and engineered to deliver each time you’re behind the wheel. In fact, with D-TEQ engines, and an Extended Cab range you have everything you need – on and off the road.

Isuzu diesel engines lead the way with technological advancements offering a wide range of compliant EPA Interim Tier 4 products. Our cooled EGR and highly-optimized performance calibrations, each a component of Isuzu Clean Air Solutions (ICAS), innovate and fuel what matters most: your profits.

At Isuzu, we believe the measure of true performance and value starts long after that new-car smell fades away. For decades, Isuzu vehicles have been designed, built and tested for the long haul. Which helps explain how we can offer such impressive Powertrain Limited Warranties that cover their most expensive and essential parts.

Smart minds drive alike. As an Isuzu owner, the truth of this pronouncement plays out every day and over the course of years. That’s because Isuzu sport utility vehicles and pickups were designed to pass both the daily test, and the test of time. By doing your homework and finding an Isuzu truck bukkie that delivers outstanding performance, safety, and value, you’ve earned the rewards that accompany sound decision making. We’re here to help you enjoy the road ahead.

Your Isuzu vehicle isn’t just about getting places. It’s about going farther and providing utility that completely masters the challenges you bring it.